Hosting Plans


Experience a fully managed hosting environment with all the trimmings.

Our servers are built and maintained from the ground up using nothing but the latest software releases available.  This ensures your website is future proofed for an ever changing world.

With nothing for you to install, update or maintain allows you to focus on what is important to you, creating effective & beautiful  looking websites.


Quota based hosting plans, a different approach

We won’t dazzle you with gigabyte’s of bandwidth & storage you’ll never use, nor will we limit access to features, plugins & support simply because you’re not paying a VIP fee.

Lets face it, a basic website with a handful of pages of content and a few dozen images doesn’t amount to much storage wise, even if you times that by 10 and want too future proof.

At WebFolio we treat all our clients are VIP’s so you have full access to everything.  Whether or not you use these features is up to you and your requirements.