IT Support

We support, fix and fault find all kinds of hardware, network & software issues for PC’s, Apple, Tablets & Mobile Phones. If we can’t fix your issues onsite we either bring it back to our offices for repair or advise you on your options.

Once we have diagnosed and fixed your issue we can also run a PC Health Check to make sure everything else is in order and give you sound advice. 

With 25+ years in the IT industry working for both large and small companies including government bodies we have seen and fixed most known PC & network faults.



We have over 2 decades experience in implementing & managing large & small corporate networks and can find and resolving network issues fast.





A number of hardware issues can cause your machine to stop working or cause a number of other  issues. Our experienced engineers can diagnose any hardware fault & fix or replace components where necessary.




Software issues come in a range of different forms. Depending on where they came from the can simply stop working, slow down your machine and at worst install malware & viruses. It’s only too common these days for new laptops or software that you have download online to come littered with free trial versions or software that you never wanted or will ever use.


icon-virusVirus Removal

Not all anti-virus software protection is the same as we’ve seen many off the shelf products still let viruses through and wreck havoc on your machine and worse.  These can put you rp




icon-tuneupPC Tune Up

Is your PC running slower than normal? Are applications crashing or not working properly?  Are things taking a long time to open up?  Just like a car your PC can drop in performance over the years because of a number of reasons.  We can inspect, diagnose and give your PC or laptop a tune up to restore it’s original performance and advise on alternative solutions where necessary.



Custom Builds

We’ve built an incalculable amount of machines from scratch based on specific hardware & software requirements for specific purposes.